"Working with you was easy sophistication"
Robert Kapp, former President, US-China Business Council
Photo of Ned Cloonan, Ned Cloonan Associates

Ned Cloonan formed the business consulting firm Ned Cloonan Associates ( NCA ) after spending over three decades in progressively senior positions on the front lines of one of the worlds most influential enterprises : American International Group. Reporting directly to the Chairman, Cloonan created one of the most effective and respected global external affairs operations in corporate America. Considered core strategy, the work of his department was integral to the success of some of the company's most important initiatives - both domestic and international.

For his leadership, he was made a C.V. Starr Partner by the Chairman, the highest form of recognition within the company.


Under Cloonan's leadership, AIG developed a government relations program which featured a national network of trusted relationships at the local, state and federal level. He created the AIG Public Policy Forum - the first of its kind - which provided elected officials, regulators and candidates for office with a forum to exchange ideas on policy challenges and proposals. He formed the AIG Employee Political Action Committee - the first in the industry - which educated company employees on relevant public policy issues while giving them the opportunity to voluntarily support company initiatives. He also built a highly efficient and effective bi-partisan fundraising capability dedicated to providing support for political candidates as well as non-profit and other philanthropic organizations. As a result, Cloonan transformed AIG's New York headquarters into a national hub for policy discussion and information exchange, providing insight for strategic planning and competitive advantage.


Critical to growth and shareholder value was pioneering access to rapidly growing emerging markets. Cloonan's department played a leading role in building and executing creative strategies that ultimately provided the company access to over half the world's population. Nowhere was this more important than in Asia, where AIG did not simply win historic licenses, but worked through government and private channels to build the investment and regulatory climate in which companies continue to operate today. In 1992, AIG won the first 100% foreign owned license to establish operations in China. In India, Cloonan and his team built coalitions to push for economic reforms, including privatizing the insurance sector and adjusting the regulatory system to accommodate foreign investors. AIG was then awarded the first foreign license to establish a joint venture. Cloonan then worked closely with a small team to select a joint venture partner. Cloonan's efforts in Vietnam were unique. He worked with both the US and Vietnamese governments to normalize political relations by assisting in the creation of a new organization allowing the two governments to communicate with one another. Economic and trade normalization quickly followed, as well as the awarding of an operating license to AIG - the first license granted to a US company. Cloonan also worked on organizing and managing the AIG International Advisory Board- a small group of leaders from business and government, who provided invaluable insights and advice.


Cloonan was an early practitioner of strategic philanthropy, investing philanthropic funds in ways that advanced global branding and growth strategies. He made AIG one of the first corporate investors in micro-finance, understanding the importance of these programs to women around the world seeking better ways to support their families. He created the AIG Disaster Relief Fund - the first of its kind - which established relationships and advanced logistical planning with disaster relief organizations on every continent. As a result, AIG was nominated for numerous awards from the US State Department, the US Chamber of Commerce and other humanitarian organizations for its work responding to Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami and the earthquakes in South Asia, Central America, and China. In Vietnam, Cloonan worked with senior Vietnamese government officials to create a new program to reduce motorcycle fatalities - the leading cause of death in Vietnam. Cloonan invested in the building of a motorcycle helmet production facility and simultaneously worked on the development of the first public service education program in that country, promoting helmet use and other safety guidelines.

Cloonan was also asked to serve as the first Chairman of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, Tri-State Division.


Ned Cloonan was recently named Executive Vice President at Regenerative Medicine, LLC. , an innovative company focused on delivering cutting edge stem cell therapies. The company is based in the US, with operations in Europe and a growing presence in Latin America. Cloonan is also Senior Advisor to MIII Capital Advisors, LLC, a merchant bank / private equity firm focused on advising and investing in the middle market. He is also on the Board of Directors of Personal Black Box ( PBB ) , a company focused on data, data protection and monetizing data on behalf of consumers.

Cloonan continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the Americas Society, where he serves on the Executive Committee and Chairs the Audit Committee. He sits on the Business Advisory Board of the Asia Society, the Center for Contemporary German Studies, as well as the Advisory Board of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Cloonan is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the National Committee on US China Relations, and the National Committee on American Foreign Policy.

Cloonan is a graduate of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He resides in Connecticut with his wife Linda, a former senior executive at the United Nations. He is a lifelong competitive athlete, an active masters swimmer and a certified masters swimming coach.